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Sailing on the Sea of the soul

Personal growth group Group

John Shuttleworth currently facilitates this ongoing men's therapy group which meets four weekends a year.The group is currently closed, however from time to time places become available.
If you are interested in joining a men's personal growth group,
Contact John Shuttleworth

2019 dates:
16th-17th March

August 29th - 1st September

7th-8th December

The Four Worlds

Personal Growth Group

Faciltators John Shuttleworth and Jono Condous.

Many men have lost their way and often do not know how to navigate their way through life in a way that genuinely satisfies them. Men can often feel victims to the demands of the life they are in and do not know how to find their way back to the guidance of their own soul. This can leave men adrift and feeling as if they're not fully in control of their own lives.

The aim of these weekends is to release the natural creativity in all of us to discover how to get our own hand on the wheel of our vessel so that we can navigate our way in life with deeper meaning and satisfaction

Each weekend will be based on one of the four worlds - The Earth/body, the Mind, the Soul, and the Spiritual. We have found that working and integrating learning from all of these realms can have a profound effect on the way we live.

If you are interested in joining a this group, contact John Shuttleworth

Dates for 2019
Weekend 1. March 9th/10th Earth-Body

Weekends 2&3 August 24th - 27th
4 day retreat at the land
Psychological and Soul

Weekend 4. 30th Nov/1st Dec. Spirit

About the facilitators.

John Shuttleworth.

For more about John go to About the trainers.

Jono Condous.


Jono has been steadily involved in men's groups since 2009 following his Mankind Project (MKP) initiation. He is a Shadow Work coach, which evolved from his experience of process work.

He began mentoring young men in 2013 with A Band of Brothers, and he's been co-leading weekends with them since 2016.

Jono is passionate about the potential of the deep and regular support that groups can offer men on their journey.