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As women we have the capacity to invite in another and to nurture, incubate and facilitate the birthing of new life in many ways. We are biologically physically and emotionally wired to create space for another and it is often hard for us to give ourselves permission to remember and reclaim our own space , our own lives and our own unique creativity. Tatiana Shuttleworth has been working as with families ,couples,and children since 1988 in both NHS and private settings. She is a mother of three daughters, a step mother to two sons and a grandmother of 8 grandchildren !!! Personally and professionally she is deeply passionate about creating community to support the healing potential of relationship and to create the conditions that maximise our potential to come into relationship with, understand and heal the intergenerational and soul wounds that we carry. Tatiana has been running women's weekends,workshops,retreats and ongoing groups since 2002 and is passionate about creating space for reflection and time out for women to nurture themselves and discover who we most fully are and can be in the world as women today.



Medicine walks in nature.


In speaking with so many people attempting to navigate their way through these extraordinarily challenging yet potentially transformative times, it has become increasingly clear how important it is to create structures that can really help to hold, sustain, and guide us, on both an individual and collective level.

However much we may have thought we were open to living with uncertainty, to letting go of the known, and to the discovery of new potential within each moment, there is an undercurrent of profound existential fear that continues to create a powerful defence against real feelings of grief or terror and the necessity for change. This time has left many of us feeling increasing isolated, attempting to find our ground and make sense of all that is going on.

Whilst we all knew, at some level, that the way we were living may have been unsustainable - for us, our relationships, and the planet, there is, individually and collectively, a huge pull to be able to return to 'normal' and to go back to living our lives as we always had done before ... The longing for that is completely understandable, and it has become clear how utterly terrifying it is for many to feel that this might not be possible and to really feel able to step into being in the powerful sea of uncertainty that transformation invites us into.

With all this in mind, during this year we would like to create a vessel in which we can all risk leaving the safety of the harbour we are in to journey out into the sea of uncertainty, with Intent as a beacon to light our way, the 4 shields to help us navigate, and nature to guide us.

You are invited to join us for a journey of enquiry comprising monthly solo medicine walks in which we can be truly open to listening, hearing and experiencing in a new way. We will follow each medicine walk with a monthly zoom circle (until we can meet in person again) to share our stories and gain 1 to 1 support for working with what arises if needed. We'll all have the opportunity to speak to the themes and currents emerging from our medicine stories.

Each month will have a broad theme to help shape intent for our medicine walks. As trees often seem to guide us in our medicine walks, we thought it might be interesting to base our monthly themes loosely on a version of the Celtic Ogham (tree) calendar, to see where it may lead. To that end our first theme for march's walk is:

March: The Ash - Yggdrasil - The World Tree
Inner & outer worlds connected, Links and connections

A stick of Ash, stuck into the ground, will take root, sprout, and grow into a new tree. It is this quality that causes it to be associated with death and rebirth. In some mythologies, the ash represents connections - roots in the underworld, trunk in our middle earth and branches reaching to the heavens and beyond. It could be seen as connecting Psyche, Body, Spirit, or the Sufi realms of: Material, Imaginal, Mind. Meditating with the Ash is thought to be conducive to connecting and understanding one's past.

The group will be limited to a maximum of 10, so do let us know by 16th Feb if you would like to take part. We will begin with monthly walks and zoom meetings on the last Sunday of each month for the first three months. We'd like to make this a year long journey, but will check-in as a group after the first 3 months to gauge whether the format needs adapting. Our first zoom circle will be so the group can meet, check in, and prepare for our journey together over the coming months. We'll introduce the theme for the first medicine walk and recap on ways of taking yourself into nature with your intent in order to make the most of the experience.

Cost: 20 per person, per 3 hour monthly zoom session, with a break half way (it's a long time to be 'on camera' so we will use a blend of video and audio only to facilitate deep listening). Last Sunday of each month from 2pm-5pm, starting on Sunday 28th Feb

Ever optimistic, it is our hope is also be to offer a long weekend or week in the summer (Covid situation permitting) to meet together in nature and deepen into our individual and collective journeying.

Provisional retreat date, Fri 25 - Mon 28th June We envisage a nature-based camping retreat to include medicine walks, campfires, and storytelling and mirroring in circle. We have access to a private camp ground and woodland in Gloucestershire, which has compost toilets, shower, and small barn with a camp kitchen. Attendance on this retreat would be entirely optional.

Contact Tatiana: 07714648877 or Rachel: 07976961901 / obsidianguide@gmail.com, to confirm your place. There are no preconditions to attending this group. For those unfamiliar with medicine walks and the four shields of human nature, we can arrange a separate session to introduce you to the concepts.