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Time2relate Couple Therapy Training.

Course Aims.

The aim of the course is to provide training in couples counseling (using the arts and nature) to qualified counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists, and experienced professionals.

The tutors will use an integrated psychotherapeutic model drawn from Object Relations Theory, Archetypal Psychology, Family System Constellations, Art Therapy, and Gestalt, to provide clinical thinking on diagnosis, treatment planning, and how to hold clients effectively through the process of growth and healing that relationship offers.

As an organization Time2relate values diversity and difference. We recognise that we work in a richly diverse community and understand the importance of working from an inclusive theoretical perspective.

The learning style will be experiential and reflective, with discussions and demonstrations, and increasing opportunities to practice skills, as the course develops.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required for certification.

Course Overview.

The training will be in three stages.

Stage 1 : 3 weekends

Dreaming into the relationship.
Leading to a Certificate in Couple Counselling Using the Arts.

  • Age 25+
  • Prior relevant training
  • Personal experience of individual and/or couple therapy
Stage 2 : 3 weekends

Awakening the relationship.
Leading to an Advanced Certificate in Couple Therapy Using the Arts

  • completion of stage 1
  • essay of 2000 words. Topic -Midwifing the soul of the relationship through the use of the arts.

Stage 3.

Living the relationship.
Leading to a Diploma in Couple Therapy Using the Arts.

  • Completion of stage 2
  • Case Study of 5000 words.
  • 30 hours of supervision individual or group. (Not required for qualified time2relate counsellors currently in supervision with a time2relate supervisor).

Course content.

Stage 1. - Dreaming into the relationship.

You will gain an understanding of:

  • How to use the arts and nature to reveal the transpersonal and transformative aspects of the relationship.
  • Couple dynamics and the concept of the life-death-life cycle of relationships
  • How couples 'Mind the gap' between idealisation and reality,
  • Destabilizing periods, separation and loss, and attachment ruptures which all initiate change.
  • The journey of relationship and an awareness of the challenges and potential that each stage offers.
  • How to facilitate a couple to engage with the potential healing and growth that the relationship is calling them to.
  • Bonding patterns between inner parents and inner children in relationships, and how to facilitatethe couple to understand this through the use of sand tray work.
  • The skills necessary to enable couples to manage the difficulties of relationship.
  • The concept of relationship as the most powerful medium for personal transformation and healing.
  • How the arts and nature can be used in couple counselling.

You will learn

  • How to reveal the existential experience of each individual and how that relates to early childhood experiences.
  • How to listen to the relationship at different levels, and how to reveal the unconscious connections between the couple using the arts, and nature.
  • About assessment -when is couple work appropriate/inappropriate.

You will have

  • Experiences and demonstrations showing how to facilitate this process using the arts, music, stories, myths, and nature.
  • An opportunity to explore your own relationship/s in depth.
  • An interesting and exciting learning experience in wonderful surroundings.

Stage 2. - Awakening the relationship.

This part of the training will focus on practicing and learning the specific skills needed to facilitate the relationship to become the teacher and healer of the couple.

You will practice:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the couples readiness to work, and the appropriate interventions for different stages of relationship.
  • Using the arts and deciding which art form, why and when?
  • Circular questioning as a tool for assessment and discovery.
  • Listening to the call of the relationship, to what might be happening that lies beyond the consciousness of the individuals.
  • Confronting and challenging in a supportive manner.
  • Facilitating the couple to speak from the heart. Creative management of conflict, polarisation, disappointment, disillusionment, loss of the dream, unconscious wounding
  • Dealing with dangerous behaviours and the ways that couples hurt each other.

You will learn

  • To use the arts and nature to engage with the transpersonal and transformative aspect of relationship itself.
  • Skills that you can teach couples to manage conflict, and increase communication.
  • When to give homework and the implications of giving homework.
  • How to release the energy in the relationship to aid transformation.
  • How to facilitate what needs to die in a relationship.
  • How to facilitate endings.

Stage 3 - Living the relationship.

Clinical thinking and practice.

The supervision group will provide an opportunity to consolidate, and integrate the learning in the previous stages. The tutors will continue to teach into the live work brought by the participants. There will also be opportunities to discuss case study material.

Throughout the course there will continuous assessment, and the tutors will be giving feedback and support to assist the learning process.

Course times

Taster day

6 hours CPD

Date: Not planned at present

10 am to 5 pm. Teas and coffee provided.

Venue: Venue in ar yurt or grouproom at "Springhead" near Storrington West Sussex. See "map".

This is not a requirement for people who have trained with us before. However it will be a good introduction to using the arts in couple work.

Stage 1. - Certificate: Couple Counselling using the arts.

Counts for 36 hours CPD training.

Dates: Not planned at present

Venue: Venue in ar yurt o grouproom at "Springhead" near Storrington West Sussex. See "map".

Stage 2.- Certificate: Advanced Certificate in Couple Therapy using the arts.

Counts for 36 hours CPD training.

Essay. 2000 words - to be completed before starting stage 2. No marking fee

Venue: Venue in ar yurt o grouproom at "Springhead" near Storrington West Sussex. See "map".

Stage 3. - Diploma: Diploma in Couple Therapy using the arts.

A total of 30 hours of supervision. This can be over the whole course and can be individual or in a group.

Case Study. 5000 words

Supervision individual or Group.
Group sessions will usually count 3 hours.

There will be a marking fee for the case study.
The case study will be externally marked, and by the tutors.

Venue in a yurt or grouproom at "Springhead" near Storrington West Sussex. See "map".